Dressy’s New Adventure

Yesterday, I dug my horse trailer out of the ice that it was encased in, broke up the ice filling the bed of my truck, and hauled the trailer out of the ice bank.

This morning, I loaded Dressy up and took her over to stay with Brooke. It’s a free lease arrangement. Brooke gets to keep her 10 minutes from her home, and I get to go check on her obsessively anytime I like 🙂

Brooke is a teenager who rode Dressy for a season a couple of years ago, and the two of them got along famously. So now that Dressy has developed anhydrosis (she does sweat some, but not enough that she can exercise during hot weather, and definitely not enough to do endurance safely) she needs a new and safer (for her) career.

The new barn is fairly upscale hunter/jumper place. Big arena, outdoor ring, plenty of paddocks, box stalls, wash stall, heated tack rooms, etc. Brooke is going to try to turn Dressy into a show pony. I’m sure Dressy will enjoy all the attention. Brooke is her favorite person, and Dressy is Brooke’s favorite horse.  Unless wildlife (like deer!) invade the arena, Dressy should be relatively spook-free and steady in a controlled environment.

It’ll be fun to watch Dressy doing something new.  Though of course, I’m fussing like crazy about it. The poor guy who owns the new place listened patiently as I gave him what I’m sure was far too much information.  I never like putting my horses in anyone else’s care.  But it’s a very nice place, and the horses all look to be in excellent shape.  Brooke has promised to send me weekly reports.

After leaving Dressy in her new palace, I took the trailer up to a friend’s place and left it there. Her husband is going to do some work on it.  It’s a sound trailer, but it’s old, and it’s looking rather shabby. Beyond the usual safety stuff like repacking the bearings and checking all the lights, etc.  he’s going to see what he can do to control the rust and try to make it look a bit more reputable.


One thought on “Dressy’s New Adventure

  1. Aw, Dressy has a new challenge in 2014!


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