Wise Affair Gets An Attitude

Every day, while I clean Weezy’s stall, Linda takes her out and hand-grazes her on the lawn. She drags Linda around while she voraciously mows down every bit of greenery in sight. Last week, we wormed her (with Ivermectin) and later let her graze for a bit longer than normal. Which, in hindsight, was probably not the best plan.


She didn’t finish her dinner that night, or her breakfast the next morning. When she went out to graze, she immediately lay down (though she kept grazing). Then she got up. Lay down. Got up. Lay down. Rolled. Yikes! Colic. We called the vet right away, since we were not sure if she should have banamine in her condition. But he okayed that, and by the time he got there, she was already much improved.

Her appetite returned. But she has started demanding tastier food. “Hay cubes???? YUCK! I don’t LIKE hay cubes!!”. Then two days later… “FLAX???? Why would you give me that??? It’s just disgusting!!!” So far, the beet pulp still passes Her Highness’s taste tests. And if I keep the amount of flax small enough and mix it into the beet pulp really really well, she’ll eat it. She is eating tons of hay, and the alfalfa disappears like it’s candy coated. I hide a few carrots in her hay, so when she comes in from grazing (gets DRAGGED in from grazing, totally against her will), she enthusiastically flings the hay around looking for them.


While I don’t think it’s really visible yet in photos, Weezy has definitely put some weight on. The hair loss has made her look worse. But we can see the hollows filling out. And Weezy has been getting more and more cheerful (and rude).

In the last few days, Linda has been having some trouble with Weezy’s energy levels. She goes out doing her little sideways racehorse prance. A couple of times now, Linda’s had to bring her back in the barn to control Weezy’s antics. There she is, a bald, scurfy bag of bones, cavorting around Linda, while Linda vainly tries to hang on to her with a chain shank over her nose. Linda was calling her the “rotten, bald ingrate”.

It’s hard to get mad at the mare though. She is obviously feeling better. Euphoric even, from the look in her eyes. We will all be very glad when she can be turned out in one of the paddocks.


3 thoughts on “Wise Affair Gets An Attitude

  1. Veronica says:

    So glad to hear she is improving, despite how aweful she looks LOL. Guessing healthy hair will grow in? “rotten, bald ingrate”… too cute. Pretty amazing her spirit wasn’t broken; or maybe that it returned so fast šŸ™‚


  2. Gary Ross says:

    She’s so invigorated with her health returning and the love she’s receiving that her obnoxious behaviour is really just unbridled celebration of her return to life. And besides she’s a girl!
    Tee Hee, ;>)
    Yea yea, make me pay for that one, Na na na na na!
    I’m a boy.
    Dr Tyznik and Tizwhiz Feeds.
    He’s interesting and well respected. I spent some time with him about 20 years ago. I was a boy then too.
    Thanks for sharing,


  3. […] work who arrived emaciated on April 26. You can see her at her worst… when her hair fell out here (though she’d already put some weight on by then). We think she’s probably put on a […]


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