Photos From Aprilfest

My pit crew kids were great at Aprilfest. They worked really hard at taking good care of Dressy. Viktoria’s dad brought his camera along and took some photos, which he sent to me. Thought I’d post them here.

All the photos are copyright 2012 by Aris Pakalns

Here they are, having a break between vet checks

Trotting the big rude mare for the Vets

Viktoria and Anastasia with Dressy

Sue, teaching Viktoria how to use the stethoscope

Attitudinal bossmare…. “Noooooo! That’s cold!!!”

Viktoria visiting Dressy in her electric paddock

Sure wish I’d actually thought about colour co-ordinating before getting dressed in the cold dark trailer at 5am….

Those colours don’t really get better with repetition do they?

Sue on Clay, and me on Dressy

My aussie saddle


4 thoughts on “Photos From Aprilfest

  1. Linda says:

    Dressy looks like a million bucks. The pit crew looks professional and happy but I’d bet they were making fun of your outfit while you were out on trail, I certainly would have been…. : )


  2. Susan Jones says:

    I don’t know what you’re talking about. I love those colours.


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