Esmerelda and Soupy, Playing Silly Games

Esmerelda had to be separated from the other two yearlings a while ago. She was getting to hate the boys anyway and it was time for her to go live with the mares. But in order to introduce her gradually, we tried first putting her out with her mother. Exclusive is old and a bit crippled up with a calcified ankle (not that it slows her down anywhere near as much as it should). She’s a bit grumpy though, since she’s a boss mare too.

Eventually we started putting Soupy in with them as well when it became apparent that Exclusive had very little tolerance for youthful exuberance. Soupy has just retired from the track (and is looking for a new career). There’s nothing wrong with Soupy… she just never really succeeded at the track. And she’s feeling GOOD right now. She likes Esmerelda. Soupy pretty much likes everyone. People and horses both. She’s a happy mare.

I took some pics of them this morning right after we put them out in the big pasture for a change. Soupy and Esmerelda were having a grand time. Exclusive just sneered and went off to graze.

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