Two hours of spooking and spinning on Saturday was apparently more than my body cared to deal with. Man, do I ever hurt. My abs are really sore, and my shoulders are seized right up. Surprisingly though (and thank goodness!) my back aches, but has not gone into spasms. I was pretty sore yesterday and wimped out of riding. Today I hurt even more. Can’t ride anyway though, because I don’t have time. So I don’t have to feel guilty at least 🙂

Had a very long morning (and afternoon… and it’s not over yet as I have to go back to feed). It’s HOT out today. 22C at the moment. Winter is not even over, and I was too hot in a t-shirt right from early this morning.

I had to drag out a trough to the big field for the broodmares and get the hoses all sorted out to fill it and buckets for the other fields too. Soaked down the arena, which has turned into a truly disgusting dust bowl and unusable. I didn’t even get started on cleaning stalls until nearly lunch time.

Carried a couple of buckets out back to the yearlings. Esmerelda is definitely not a good little witch. She stood guard over the water bucket after I filled it. Albert and Reno were not allowed anywhere near it. She kicked both of them, and bit them with intent every time they came close. And she wasn’t even thirsty. She played with the bucket. Washed her lips off. Chewed on the handle. Blew on the water and made waves. All while the two colts were staring longingly at the fresh water with their little tongues hanging out. Albert finally gave in to the inevitable and came to drink anyway, while she bit him. He just let her bite his ear while he drank. And it wasn’t a love nip either. Reno though, didn’t even get that much of a chance, as she can gallop backwards, double barrel kicking with ease. Quite the little athlete Esmerelda is…


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