Two More

Two more of our racehorses went down to the track yesterday. Harold and Vegas. Which made for a fairly quiet day in the barn today. It was just me and the four mares (Soupy, Exclusive, Lacey, and Ginger).

Tomorrow, we have to bring in the three broodmares who are due to foal in a few weeks. They will start coming into stalls every night. The boss will stay in the apartment over the barn and keep an eye on the cameras until the foals are all safely delivered. Bernice, Loula, and Dora are all relatively young mares. This will be Dora’s first. Loula’s second, and Bernice’s third foals.

Esmerelda is also being moved into the barn tomorrow. She’s 11 months old. That should be very exciting. It will be a bit like a second weaning I suspect. She’s growing to hate the two boys she’s out with (Reno and Al), but she’s a lot like her mama, and like all her siblings too. None of them are very good with changes. They get a wee bit crazy at first. She’s going to be turned out with Exclusive (her mama) for a while. Then probably with the herd of younger fillies and mares once she’s over the trauma.

We have a new resident at the farm too. A big grey and white tom cat. Quite handsome. He and Dusty have been negotiating some territorial details. But it’s all been vocal discussions. No physical contact. It’s been a few days now, so it’s beginning to look like they are not going to come to blows. The new guy looks a little thin, but seems young and in good health. He’s wary of people, but not afraid. When you get too close to him he moves away. But not in a panic. Just moves out of reach and watches. He’s definitely hungry, and when I put food out for him, he is right there as soon as I move away.  So I think he’s had some contact with people, and is not totally feral. He’s strolled through the main barn a few times already. But mostly he hangs out in the hay shed with Halloween.


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