Ares and the Vacuum Monster

Today Ares learned about vacuum cleaners. He was quite disgustingly dirty, and when Brooke brushed him, billowing clouds of dirt just kept resettling on his coat. So I pulled out the horse vac. I don’t use it very often (much to King’s disgust… he adores being vacuumed). Ares seems to have never encountered a vacuum before, because there was a great deal of alarm on his face as I brought it over. His eyes got huge and his whole body trembled. He quite clearly knew that he was about to be sucked into that evil thing and digested.

However, as he usually does with bad, scary things, he just kind of gulped, quivered, and waited to die. Brooke started carefully on his shoulder while I held his head and told him what a good boy he was. “Okay” he told me “I will stand nicely while she kills me”.   So I stepped back and took some photos.

I am being good

Oh no... Oh no...

Ummm.... that feels.... kinda... I dunno...

Oh! Wait! This feels... AWESOME! Yeah... Right THERE!


One thought on “Ares and the Vacuum Monster

  1. Susan says:

    Love the captions!


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