Winter Yuck

Yesterday it poured rain here. I think the temperature was around +4C. So the snow all got completely waterlogged. And then that whole mess froze solid overnight. Now there is sheet ice everywhere. It’s supposed to drop to -17 tonight, and only come up to -14 tomorrow. Then by Friday it will be +5 and raining again.

No riding today, since I don’t think I could even get a horse out the front of the barn and across the driveway safely. And no riding tomorrow at -14, since the ice will still be here and I would probably wimp out with the wind chill anyway.  Some years are good riding years, with safe footing. But sometimes it hovers around freezing, and we get too much ice.

I see that the farmer who rents the front field is out harvesting the corn today though. I can access that field without having to cross the driveway. Which means that I may at least be able to do laps around it if we don’t get snow. It’s boring, but it’s something.




2 thoughts on “Winter Yuck

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