Now For The Other Crazy Beast

Dressy`s hind leg seemed nearly normal today. Just a small lump left. Now that it`s reduced down, it appears as though she hit it somehow. It`s sort of on the lower inside of the cannon bone. Hard to say for sure how she did it, but I`d guess that she probably stumbled on all the frozen mud and hit herself with her other hoof.

I took her out into the round pen and tried to get her to trot around to see how sound she was. The footing in there is quite a bit better than in the paddock, since there haven`t been any horses in it for weeks. So although it`s frozen, it wasn`t all churned up before it froze. When I turned that mare out there… all hell broke loose. Apparently Dressy hasn`t had much exercise with the bad footing in her own paddock and with the injury to her knee and the hind leg she`s had no riding either. She was very excited to be able to move. Tail flipped up over her back, with much snorting and whistling. She`s really a very impressive girl when she`s all puffed up like that. It was too slippery for her to get up a real head of steam, so she mostly just bucked and spun for a while. I finally grabbed her and brought her back in before she killed herself.

After that display I figured she needed to go out for a bit of a ride. I was aiming for a quiet walk. But being cautious, I put the same bridle on her that I used on King yesterday. The one with the kimberwick bit. Thought that it would be prudent to have some braking power if needed. Good thing too. She was quivering with excitement for the first half hour and we had a couple of very exciting moments out in the back field with Dressy trying to get her head between her knees while spinning and hopping. She doesn`t buck often, but she means it when she gets going. That`s the first time she`s tried that at home though. It usually only happens at competitions when we are warming up before the start. She reverts back into a racehorse and cannot contain herself.

She settled down after a lap around the back field though. And was good thereafter. I am going to have to keep riding her regularly through the winter. She`s too fit to be standing around like a pasture potato. She`s looking glorious as usual. Her coat is glossy, eyes are bright (wickedly bright actually) and she`s at a perfect weight. Too bad we don`t have any competitions around here in winter…




One thought on “Now For The Other Crazy Beast

  1. Susan says:

    Pasture potato – I like that.


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