Horse Shelter

Since there is a bit of a shortage of shelter around here for the horses, I went poking around on Kijiji and found a second hand portable shelter for sale. With some help from Misha, her husband Tyler, and Jenny, it went up in a few hours.

Diego and Zamaluck are in that paddock currently, and they do seem to be using it happily. Though Diego has been removing some of the duct tape we used to cover the ends of bolts for their protection.

It’s 12 feet wide, and 32 feet long.  I was a bit worried that it would be flimsy, but I’m fairly impressed by just how strong it actually seems to be. I’m sure that if a tornado hit it, it would fly away like a big parachute. But last week we had some pretty strong winds at around midnight one night, and I figured there was no point in sitting in my bed worrying about it. So I was out there in my jammies and rubber boots checking on it. Of course I don’t know what I would have done if it had actually picked up and tried to leave. Probably would have carried me away with it.




3 thoughts on “Horse Shelter

  1. AareneX says:

    It’s very…pretty!

    It would last about 20 minutes around here…after that, it would turn a mossy-moldy green and then either sink into the swamp or fly away on the wind to Canada. Here’s hoping that it turns out to be sturdy and useful for you. And non-green, too!



  2. LOL! Well… I’m on top of a moraine and don’t have the rain you do out there. So I’m not worried about mossy green. It’s survived one windstorm already. We will see how it does through the winter. But it is actually much more heavy duty than the usual portable shelters (which really would last about 20 minutes I think). And it’s got some serious anchoring added. But I won’t be convinced until it survives a winter here. It’s an exposed hilltop, so quite windy.


  3. […] then he mentioned the new portable run-in shelter… “What’s that you’ve put up?” He asked me. So I took him out to inspect […]


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