Backing the Filly

Yesterday, I went up to back Spanish Lady, the Standardbred filly that I placed last week. Her new owner took her out driving on the roads the day before… actually it was the new owner’s husband who drove her. Lady was very steady and managed to charm him too. Which took some doing because he’s one of those “Standardbreds are ugly clunkers” kinda horse people.  It’s an uphill battle getting many horse people to even look at a Standardbred.

Anyway, the backing was a big success. We tacked her up, took her into the round pen and gradually got her used to my weight draped over her. She was quite aware of what I was doing, but never offered any resistance or reactivity. By the end of the session I was riding her around in circles both directions, stopping, and backing. We didn’t do more than walk, but she was really quite perfect.

The only criticism I have of her is that she’s like a damn puppy. Follows her mom around trying to snuggle. So it was hard to turn her away when she wanted to follow. Next session I’m going to have to boot her beloved new mother OUT of the round pen so I can get more of the filly’s attention on me. It’s nice to see such a strong bond already though 🙂



2 thoughts on “Backing the Filly

  1. Erin says:

    Sounds like a very calm and productive experience. Good Job. Good luck without mum next time.


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