Handsome in Harness

I picked up a used set of jogging harness for Dressy from a friend recently. Last night Misha was bugging me about seeing Dressy all dressed up in it. So I got her harnessed up and ground drove her around the yard. She is lovely in harness I must say. She’s long, lean, and glossy black. And she was behaving like an angel. So I showed both Misha and Jen how to drive her. I should have had my camera, but forgot to grab it.

The mare was very calm, and walked quietly. I was heartened to see that, as she had a rep for being a runaway on the track. Even during morning jogging she was difficult to drive and they used to tow (pony) her behind another jog cart. But she looked quite pleased with herself, and accepted accolades from all of us for her beauty and charm with a graceful nod and smug acceptance of cookies.

I talked to the Standardbred trainer I used to work for, and he thinks he has an old jog cart that he can give me. I want to see if she will jog politely around the back field. It’s about 3/4 of a mile around, and I’m hoping that we can do a bit of that over the winter. If she behaves well enough, I can maybe tow King and get some exercise into both of them at the same time. Especially on days when I don’t have enough time to ride them both. Fingers crossed…

Heading out for the Oktoberfest ride today after work. Dressy is in the 25 mile Set Speed ride tomorrow. The weather is cool, and that suits her much better than the heat of the summer. It should be a good day for her.





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