Standardbred Coming In for Adoption

I don’t have a lot of information yet. But I just had a call about a 10 year old Standardbred gelding who is coming off the track. He’ll be arriving here in the next couple of weeks. All I can say so far is that he’s tall (16+hh), black, and very quiet. He’ll be looking for a riding horse home. I will back him once he gets here, so he will have extremely basic training. However, like all off-track Standardbreds he will be well broke to drive and should be very easy to transition into a riding horse. Standardbreds are typically steady, willing, and amiable.

If anyone is interested and could offer a good, permanent home, email me at Even if this is not the right horse for you… I get Standardbreds off the track fairly regularly whose owners do not want to send them to auction or to be buggy horses and would like them to have nice homes after racing.

*Update: He’s arriving Thursday or Friday. And the location is southern Ontario. Just north of Toronto. I have a truck and trailer, and could deliver him within a couple of hundred kilometers.


5 thoughts on “Standardbred Coming In for Adoption

  1. Dom says:

    Very exciting!!! Can’t wait to hear the details.


  2. AareneX says:

    Where ARE you? I don’t think you’re anywhere near me, but I’m always preaching the gospel of off-track standies, and I’ve got a fish on the line, er, a prospective adopter…. >g<


  3. Oh sorry! I’m just north of Toronto, Ontario… in Canada. It’s reasonably close to the US border, but I think pretty far from you. You are on the west coast aren’t you Aarene?


  4. AareneX says:

    I am also reasonably close to the US/Can border…on the extreme West end! >g<


  5. LOL! Yeah that’s what I thought. A bit too far to come and look at this boy I suspect 🙂


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