Update on King

I haven’t posted much about King this week. Pretty much because I don’t even know what to think myself. I rode him on Friday for a slow six miles. He was quite sound and felt good. No lameness. Then I rode him on Saturday for 15 miles, and he came up very lame at the end. It’s a hind end lameness. Definitely something up high since it’s a hike, not a limp. He has no swelling or tenderness anywhere in his legs. Feet seem fine. His back is completely non-reactive to even quite hard (nearly gouging) fingertip pressure. The muscles in his hindquarters feel rather tight generally, but there are no particularly tender areas or knots. He had quite sore hamstring muscles on his left side after the ride last Sunday when he was pulled. But not this past Saturday. The one thing I did find was that hind leg stretches forward were okay on his right hind, but he resisted strongly on the left on Saturday evening.

Last night I trotted him out, and he again looked sound. Mind you, it was dusk and I was trotting him myself, so I couldn’t stand back and assess it as well. But I also longed him in both directions, so I should have seen something on the circle. And he was able to stretch that hind leg forward again without a problem.

What bothers me is that if he has a pulled/strained muscle, he should stiffen up the day after he irritates it. So I keep expecting to find some signs of that when I massage him the next day.

Perhaps I’m paranoid, but I do worry that this could be his old sacro-iliac injury back to haunt us again. There is no swelling showing up (as there was the first and second times he hurt it), but the lameness is similar. It’s the kind of injury that can become chronic and career ending. So that is not what I want to find out.

On another note, I am still thinking that the magnesium supplement may be working on him. He was really very steady and reliable on Saturday. What few spooks he had were mild and more like startles than teleports. He was cheerful and forward, with lots of energy. But no craziness. He was on a loose rein trotting and cantering nice and easy. Quite unlike himself really. Though of course it could have been pain settling him down rather than magnesium 😦

If magnesium really works, then it might be at least part of a solution to his issues. Less careening should equal fewer injuries. Assuming that he recovers from THIS injury.

Blood work should be back from the vet in the next couple of days. Maybe that will give me more information.


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