Patching a Quarter Crack

Ran across this interesting video of a racetrack farrier patching a quarter crack in a hoof. It shows quite a lot of detail. I’ve seen the procedure done, but never quite this close up before.

I ran across it in a blog post about a barefoot endurance horse that had a hole in the hoof, and they applied a slightly modifed version of that patch. Be interesting to see if it holds up on a hoof that has more expansion happening than the shod racehorse.


3 thoughts on “Patching a Quarter Crack

  1. Karen Cox says:

    Sky – thanks for the being the first person to link to our new blog! Just a comment about doing this repair on a barefoot/booted horse. So far we have had no issues whatsoever. Previously I often rode her barefoot but am keeping her booted (when riding) until the hole grows out. She definitely needs both the stitches and glue, with only glue a little hairline crack above the hole did get longer. The real test will be when the hole grows down to the bottom of her hoof, which should be right around the time of my first e-ride of the season, in early May. Worst case we can shoe to bridge the gap but I’m pretty confident we won’t need to. By the way, this Thoroughbred did the first 20 miles of an LD ride last year completely barefoot, something a lot of people would tell you can’t be done! This on a horse that could barely walk across a gravel driveway 2 years ago. I don’t think she’ll ever do 50 miles barefoot, but she could surprise me!


    • Well, my Standardbred has done quite a few competitions barefoot. Up to 37 miles so far. And she was incredibly tender when she first had her shoes pulled as a six year old off the track. She’s ten now. So I will never tell you it can’t be done 🙂 Anyway, I’ll be interested to follow along and see how your patch holds up.


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