Icy Footing

Every year at this time, and sometimes for the entire winter, the footing goes all to hell. It poured rain a few days ago. Which saturated the snow, but didn’t melt it completely. Then it got cold again. It’s not as bad as some years (there’ve been times the horses couldn’t get safely out of the barn), but there’s no way to ride safely when it’s like this. 

It always seems to happen when I’m really motivated to ride. So then I fuss and fume, and worry that King is going to gain weight again (putting the miniscule few pounds I managed to work off him right back on again). He is a big horse anyway, especially for an Arab. But he’s also an easy keeper with a voracious appetite. So it makes him just that much bigger. He’s been teased his whole life about being “part Arab, and maybe part Percheron?” he’s not. He’s just a plain old Arab (Polish/Crabbet… he’s an Azraff grandson). It’s just that you’d never know it under that layer of fat.

This year I’m absolutely determined to work it off him. It is not just a cosmetic problem.  Carrying that extra weight slows him down, makes him sensitive to the heat, and tires him out. If I could ever get him down to normal size, I’m sure it would make him a far more competitive horse.


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